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December 16, 1970
Balloon Magazine

11 Eerie Predictions!

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I PREDICT: JOHN COWSILL will be the new Cowsill fave when you see what he's done to his hair and (yes) muscles! BARRY will always be popular, but John will come on strong and dreammmmmmmmmmy!

Up, Up & Away

Loretta Tuttle, Morristown, N.J. wants to know: "How many teen stars' favorite color is blue? - I want you to know, Loretta, that it took me much hours to find out the answer, but here goes: MAMA CASS, CHER, TOM JONES, ANDY KIM, PAUL McCARTNEY, MELANIE, PHIL EVERLY, DIANA ROSS, PETER NOONE, DESI ARNAZ JR., ELVIS, NEIL YOUNG, MICHAEL STROKA, LIZA MINELLI, JIM MORRISON, MIKE CURB, TOMMY ROE, RICK ELY, JOE NAMATH, LOU CHRISTIE, DANNY BONADUCE, HEINTJE and PAUL COWSILL!


BARRY COWSILL is about to make a big announcement, and it has nothing o do with girls ...

Top Star Directory!

COWSILLS - 1350 6th Ave New York 10019

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