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Susan Cowsill to Perform with Rodriguez at Barclays Center 10/9
September 2013
BWW Music World Magazine

On October 9, Susan Cowsill will play with Rodriguez at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Rodriquez is has recently been featured as the subject of a movie that has earned international critical acclaim, according to the Barclays Center's site.

According to the site, "Two South African fans, eager to separate fact from myth, embarked on an investigation to find out what really happened to Rodriguez. Their search became the foundation for Searching for Sugar Man, which has won international acclaim from critics, film festivals and from viewers, who have embraced Rodriguez's unique songs and inspirational story.

Rodriguez's surprise resurgence has inspired a return to live performance for the artist, who has played to rapturous concert crowds in several major cities, as well as on The Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in feature stories on his unlikely comeback on 60 Minutes and CNN."

Susan Coswill crossed paths with Rodriguez multiple times, as she says:

"Back in 1974 I had a record deal with Warner Brothers records. (The Cowsills last tour was in 1972 so I was in retirement for two years the first time at that point.) I was sixteen and was trying to stay out of school, so I told my mom, let me quit and I will get a record deal and get back to work. She did, I did and the rest, as they say, is history. I had a singles (45 RPM) deal and my producers would bring me songs to pick from to record. I recorded six sides, my buddy Jackson Browne brought me a Warren Zevon demo of Mohamads Radio which was one of the songs I recorded. (later recorded by Ms. Rondstat) and the other was less noteworthy.

One of the songs they brought me was a song called 'I Think Of You.' I really liked it, I sang it (cheesy production) and along with the other releases, nothing happened with any of it to say the least. So fast forward 39 years later. Vicki Peterson (my Psycho sister) calls me cuz she's watching the Searching for Sugarman documentary and hears this song, recognizes it and calls me freaking saying, "Do you know about this documentary on this guy and do you know that song you covered is one of his? He's huge right now, etc...?"

I hadn't seen the movie, I knew very little about any of his story but thought it was cool and that was that. About four months later, he came to New Orleans to play at Tipitinas and (my husband) Russ Broussard and I went, met him, it was awesome. For the details of our meeting, I refer you to my blog at When The Moon Is In The Seventh House. Actually read it 'cuz it fills in some points of the story. Anyway, a couple of months after we met, he contacted me and asked me to open for him at the Barclays Center...the rest...again, will be history."

The two will be playing together at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on October 9th.

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