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Barry Cowsill on Marriage
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Barry Cowsill's the youngest of the bachelors. And oddly enough, he was full of talk about the most "un-bachelor-type topic" of all!

"I think about marriage a lot," he began. "It may sound strange, but that's me." He grinned. "The expert on marriage in the family right now is Bill. But now that he's married, I guess he doesn't qualify as a bachelor. So his opinion doesn't really count."

Barry doesn't have a steady girl - at least, he won't admit he does.

"I like a lot of girls - for different reasons. And sometimes I think about what it would be like to be married to one of them." He shrugged. "Sometimes it's a good thought and sometimes it's a disaster. You see, there are two different types of girls. One type you date for a really good time, but there's nothing serious. The other type is sort of hard to explain. She's sweet, soft-spoken, kind and very understanding. That's the one I like to think about marrying."

When Barry does get married, his future wife will have to be understand a few things about him. Coming from a large family, he feels the husband should be the boss.

Barry explained, "I don't mean that the husband should rule the house with an iron hand. But he should have the final say in most decisions."

Barry also feels that he'll never let the romance drift out of his marriage.

"Believe it or not," he confided, "my father still brings home flowers and little gifts to my mother. And they've been married a lot of years. I think that's pretty nice and I plan to do the same things. Just to show I love my wife. There's nothing mushy about it. Love it great!"

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