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Blue Northern 100 percent
From Facebook and Ron F.
October 1981
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Blue Northern

Left to right: Lee Stephens, Gary Comeau, Jim Wilson, Bill Cowsill, Brady Gustafson, Ray O'Toole

Versatility is and has been the key for Vancouver's "Blue Northern" who have recently completed their second record project. The first “A 4 song E.P.” received significant airplay across Canada and served as a solid introduction to the band. A more recent project has seen the band produce an album in co-operation with Vancouver’s Waterstreet Sound, August was an encouraging month for the band as the album material prompted Polygram Records Canada to sign the band to a distribution agreement which included respectable advance monies. A single “Your Not The Same Girl” has been released and has gained the attention and subsequent airplay from a number of key stations in Canada. The album entitled simply “Blue Northern” represents a good cross section of the band capabilities, exhibiting styles reminiscent of the mid-sixties sound but with a fresh 1980’s production. One Hundred Percent, a second single slated for a follow-up release to “Your Not The Same Girl” is an exciting tune exhibiting energy and innovative prose. Manager Maureen Jack of “Jack of Hearts” Production is confident about the albums airplay potential. “Every programmer I’ve talked to has expressed interest. The country format stations love Vagabond, Too Late, and Can’t Make No Sense. The rock stations love One Hundred Percent and so forth”. Polygrams strong European market should result in subsequent distribution there,” Jack explains excitedly. Other thoughts on the horizon include a 2 month Japanese tour and record distribution in that area.

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