The Cowsills In Magazines

Can U Edit Fifteen?
April 1968
Fifteen Magazine


ROBERT (BOB), 18, 5'11"
Plays organ, guitar, sings.
BARRY, 13, 5'1"
Plays bass guitar, sings.


Here's your chance to be editor of FIFTEEN! Help decide what should be done in this terrible predicament. Read every word below.

I just luv THE COWSILLS. They're all so cute, it's impossible to pick just one and say "That's my fave." But being editor of a magazine makes difficult tasks necessary sometimes. After all, you can't print everybody's picture on your cover, and you can't have stories on everyone you'd like to tell about. This is the problem that's facing me now as editor of your fave FIFTEEN. I luv all the Cowsills, but I've got to find out which one i.s luved the most by the most people, so I can print his (or her) picture in beautiful color in the huge full-page size here in FIFTEEN.

Will you help me with this difficult task? Will you pleez tell me which one you think I should select for this huge color pic? I'm already printing a huge photo of all the Cowsills together, so pleez don't take the coward's way out and tell me to print a groop pic. That won't solve the problem.

Which SINGLE Cowsill should I select? You don't have to make a choice on the one you like the best. All you have to do is become editor for five minutes and help me make this decision. I will appreciate it more than words can express if you would send me the coupon below and let me know what you would do as editor of FIFTEEN. Pleez send me your editorial decision today! Luv-U-4-Ever, Ginger.

WILLIAM (BILL), 17, 6'1"
Plays guitar, sings.

Sings harmony.

SUSAN, 8 (almost 9)
Plays tambourine, sings.

JOHN PATRICK, 11, 5'2"
Plays drums, sings.

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