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Catastrophe Follows The Cowsills
October 1968
For Teens Only Magazine

The Cowsill family takes a walk together. Will something happen now?

IT may seem like the most wonderful thing in the world to be a Cowsill. After all, there's money, fame, success, popularity, fans, adoration and everything else that goes with being a member of a top group and a groovy family. But being in the limelight has its draw-backs, too. And in the case of The Cowsills, catastrophic things have happened to themójust because they are so popular!

Once, for example, little Susie got lost! The Cowsills were on tour and they'd just arrived in a new city. The scene at the airport was overwhelming, to say the least. There were cheering fans, eager reporters and busy photographers everywhere you looked. And, as often happens, The Cowsills got pushed, shoved, torn, tattered and generally mixed up.

When they un-mixed themselves and left the airport, they noticed something was wrong. Namely, Susie wasn't with them! Somehow, she'd been separated from the rest of the family in the mad dash for the waiting cars. And now she was lost!

Well, Susie was, of course, eventually found again. And everything got back to normal. But it was a close call. And things like that could easily happen again.

Then there's the experience The Cowsills had with Bill's wedding. In advance, photographers were asked to keep away. The wedding was going to be a private oneówith just friends and family attending. The Cowsills didn't want this important event to be upset by crowds and screams and anything that had to do with work.

Well, things didn't exactly turn out as planned. Photographers did arrive. So did some fans. But all was not lost. What could have turned into a catastrophe for the family (not to mention for Bill and Karen, who wanted this day to be just perfect), didn't go quite that far. The people who work with The Cowsills were able to calm things down before they got out of hand. And the wedding went as smoothly as could be expected under the circumstances.

So, you see, it's not always easy to be a Cowsill. Sometimes it's downright trouble, in fact! But The Cowsills aren't complainingóthey like it!

Other References - Group Gossip From The Grapevine!

As for THE COWSILLS, they were selected over ten other leading groups to do a series of TV and radio commercials, cross-country tours and various other promotions for The American Dairy Association. The commercials will cover a four-year period. The group's especially happy about this because they're being paid the highest sum ever to be given to a single entertainer or group of entertainers for a commercial. That's what we call arriving!

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