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Cowsills - Candidly
January 12, 1968
Go Magazine

Bad weather cut down the attendance for the Cowsills first New York concert appearance but it certainly didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the audience.

The group's show opened with their hit "The Rain, The Park And Other Things." In addition to performing their new single "We Can Fly," the showcase allowed them to display their talents.

The entire family presented themselves individually with numbers specially for themselves.

Mom Cowsill provides a pleasant part of the group's overall vocal effect, but she appears far too staged the flashing smile and winking eyes are irritating.

The twin brothers are competent musically, but they have to learn not to direct in-jokes toward MGM Record executives who led the audience's cheering.

Little Susan Cowsill does a heart-jerking job and really bounces through her routines. (But don't let your older brother get you uptight when you miss a note on the guitar.)

The Cowsills are interesting musically. They have a distinctive sound and their stage presence is good, but they need a drastic tightening up to prevent the slack between tunes becoming monotonous.

I'm being deliberately critical because if so many people have faith in this group to lead the record industry back to a family industry then the Cowsills have to be perfect.

It'll be interesting to hear them when they find their real bag. But, somehow, I think there will be a lot more news about them, their producers, their manager and their writers before that happens.

Go's Official Charts Top 30 U.S.A. #4 The Rain, The Park & Other Things - The Cowsills MGM

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