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Question of profound content
November 9, 2017
Cultural Magazine


Note: This article was written in Spanish and was translated with an online translator.

The day just horrible, me with a certain heaviness by traffic, but as he walked, he was pondering on different thoughts and reflections with respect to the work, family, and other things that they caused attention. However, when you consider that it would take several blocks without problem, a change of light broke this possibility, so a bit annoying, stop.

On the radio I dreamed of an old Cowsills song "The park, rain and other things", the song evoked great memories, thinking that the same went out, in the year 1964, but took me to a point in my life with my radio Hitachi, literally stuck to me and evoked that song back in the area 2. In these reflections was, as well as visualized, as well as the gray sky that just had to do with the rain and those other things that are left to the imagination, when just around the corner I look to my left to a partner.

The top of the 60 years old and she a young twenties, both laughed, played, they hugged each other and then said goodbye with a kiss. It was obvious that he was the father and her daughter. He crossed the street right in front of my car, but what caught my attention was the daughter. Her gaze didn't took off from the father, nor moved from there. He certainly felt that reaction and turned around to see her she lovingly put his index and middle fingers of your right hand over your eyes telling him, but in reality it was "you care in your home of the journey" and then threw a kiss with the right hand.

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