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October 28, 1970
Balloon Magazine

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. -(1970)- The photographer said "Hold it!" . . . and everybody moved! We EXPECTED Suzie to ham it up, but we didn't expect EVERYBODY to change positions and try to goof us up. So when the two pix came out of the lab, there was Suzie going nutz in the second picture, and there was Paul raising his right foot sideways off the ground and taming his grin down to a smile. NOT COUNTING ANY OF SUZIE'S CHANGES, but counting the changes on the other 5 Cowsills, we've come up with a total of 13 differences in the two pix. Can you spot them all? If you can, and if your entry is the 77th entry we receive, we'll send you 5 different Cowsill albums (including their very latest) plus $7.77 iin cash! List the changes on a sheet of paper (for instance, 1) Paul's smile changed, 2) Paul's right foot lifted up, 3) Barry raised his right hand to his lapel, etc.) and send them to BALLOON'S COWSILL NONSENSE, 9000 Sunset Strip, Hollywood, Calif. 90069. All entries must be postmarked by midnight, November 4th, and the winner (plus a list of all the correct changes) will be in issue number 8 of YE OLDE BALLOON!

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