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Dig Magazine - Other References
May 1968
Dig Magazine

Letter To The Janitor

So big deal! So you printed a pic of Sajid Kahn on your cover before anyone else. So you'll probably print a pic of The Cowsills there next, or maybe even the 3rd Grad Class of Marymount Grammar School. Your cover is always a mess, no matter who gets printed there. In fact, your whole mag is a mess, and I don't believe there's really a Mother Frack

Phil Dunaway
Toronto, Canada

Get Well Soon! - Mother Frack



February was a bad month for most top groups. The only super-group to have a hit single in the top 100 was Paul Revere & The Raiders (Too Much Talk), and that barely made the top twenty. Newcomers, such as the COWSILLS (We Can Fly) and the Bee Gees (Words), also had a hard time hitting the top twenty. (I can understand why Words didn't get too far, but We Can Fly was really a zap-and-a-half and should have done better.)

And still on the same subject, all those corn-ball stories they make up about the stars make me want to retch. Take THE COWSILLS. Now, let me get it straight right here and now, I DIG THE COWSILLS. I think their sound is ultra-terrestial. I think they're too much. I goove on 'em. Okay?

But all that nonesense about haunted houses (they're supposed to live in one) is just too childish. And all those pix of Barry in a gangster's hat, making like a hood, remind me of something a six-year-old would do for his mommy and daddy's friends. Also I say no point in all the publicity being given to BILL COWSILL, their father, because he doesn't take part in the group in any way. More stuff like this, and THE COWSILLS will drift off back to pasture long before their time.

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