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February 10, 1968
Disc Magazine

SCENE - All the week's pop gossip - SCENE

America's Cowsills created great impression at their London reception last week. Onstage they did excellent versions of Spoonful's "Summer In the City" and Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations."

. . .

Cowsills caused near-chaos when they dined at a famous Sotho restaurant last week. They ate almost every bit of food in the place. "What do you expect," grinned Dick Cowsill. "We didn't have any breakfast!" (Group had earlier been ejected from a restaurant for singing at the breakfast table.)

Quick Spin

Cowsills turn up with a rampaging piece called "We Can Fly," which is much, much better than their last single with everyone singing on top of each other. A very strong American record, but perhaps too American for our chart (MGM).

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