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March 1, 1969
Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine

Curtain Time

FLAMINGO - FLAMINGO ROOM - Feb 20-March 5 Cowsills; Dick Shawn; Russ Black Ork. (8:15 & Midnite)

The Cowsill family is an endearing passel of young folk from age nine to twenty-one gathered about Mother C. known to her progeny simply as Barbara. The septet has racked up some pretty big record sales over the past couple of years and a few of these are chanted with much enthusiasm and vigor on the Flamingo stage. They are, "We Can Fly," "Rain in the Park" and "Indian Lake," and all receive tender, loving care by the group. Youngest Cowsill, Susan, is quite a rocker, doing her mod thing ringside as she chirps "Hello, Hello," which receives appropriate accolades. Group as a whole, is more folkish, than rock oriented as illustrated through their harmonies and repertoire. One of the most moving melodies is "Cruel War," with mama in the leading role, remindful, in a way, of Peter, Paul and Mary lamentations in such vein. Just about all the youngsters are versatile instrumentalists as well as singers and provide distinctive coloration to all their solos and blends



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