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The Cowsills Go Into Fashion Design World
May 4, 1968
Beat Magazine

NEW YORK It's not enough that the Cowsills have made a name for themselves in pop music. They are now entering into the world of fashion.

"We have been observing the fashion trends very closely for some time now," said Barbara Cowsill, "and we think we have hit upon what might be termed 'the fashions of today'."

The plan is this: Bill (20), Bob (18) and Paul (16) will design and market the clothes they feel will be accepted and liked by today's young adult men and woman. Barry (14) and John (12) will do their part to offer for approval their concepts in what teen and pre-teen fashions of today should be.

The Cowsills' mom, Barbara, will design clothes for housewives, working mothers and career woman and daughter Susan will join the act by sketching in her views on what the well-dressed young lady should wear.

The Cowsills have contracted the services of young London fashion designer, 23 year old Angela King. Miss King will personally design and supervise many of the fashion lines for the Cowsills and act as general fashion consultant for the company. The Cowsills and Miss King will have the entire winter line ready for preview in June.

FASHION for the women.

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