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Favorite Memories - The Cowsills
Date Unknown
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I may be prejudice, but I think I've got the most wonderful family in the world! We live, laugh and love together, and we've got faith and belief that things will always work out. In fact, this is one of my lessons my children taught me, and something I'll always remember!

Long before we became "The Cowsills" as a recording group, we didn't have very much money and there were times when I used to wonder if we would pull through! Especially one winter, when there wasn't any heat, because we didn't pay out bill and the gas company turned off the gas!

There was a raging storm going on outside, the snow was piling up and we were inside, wrapped in coats and blankets, freezing! I didn't think we'd ever make it through the week and I was practically in tears!

That's when my children gathered around me and told me that everything would work out. "It's in God's hand you know, Mom," Barry told me. "He'll never let us down as long as we've got faith," John added!

They were right, of course. We managed somehow with His care, but I'll never forget the comfort, love and strength my children brought me in a crisis!

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