The Cowsills In Magazines

Cowsills For TV
March 1970
For Teens Only Magazine

FOR over a year, rumors have been flying hot and heavy about a possible TV series for The Cowsills. Things really hit their stride when the family group did so well on their TV special. Somebody somewhere just had to find a show for them to do!

It looks like maybe that's finally happened. Nobody's being official about it, but the word is that The Cowsills have been offered a show that's to their liking which means it isn't like the three million situation comedy shows they've been offered over the last year.

Just what kind of show is it? Nobody really knows (or just isn't saying), but most people feel it's some kind of variety show one that's different and interesting and right for The Cowsills.

The only thing fans can do is wait and see and hope that the next time they turn their television dial, several very familiar faces will turn up to turn them on!

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