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The Cowsills
For The Cowsills, memories are warm and wonderful. You can share them ...
July 1968
For Teens Only Magazine

Stop, look and listen - as the guys confess and confide all their deepest, intimate ideas!

. . .BROTHERS Bill and Bob Cowsill shared one very important love moment together. That was when their first song, "We Can Fly," was published. The boys had worked very hard on the composition - really giving it their hearts and souls. They love music ... so you can well imagine what a great sense of pride and satisfaction this gave them. The rest of The Cowsills were proud of them, too. In fact, it was a very great thrill for all of them. Everyone was so excited, they had a party to celebrate the big event. Of course, many of their songs have been published since then. But it's that important First they'll always cherish

. . .The Cowsills all remember the day when they got their dog Curly. Even though the family is a big one, nine in all, the house was missing something. And that "something" was a pet.

The moment Curly arrived, The C's knew that their family was finally complete. The puppy seemed a little scared at first, as all dogs are. But it didn't take him too long to see that he was surrounded by lots of loving people. The C's can't forget the day they got him ... and yet, they can't remember what life was like without their little pup!

. . . The entire Cowsill family always looks forward to a love moment that occurs annually. The moment just happens to be Christmas. They're such a close-.knit clan, it's truly beautiful to see them all gathered together decorating the tree, drinking egg nog, singing carols and, of course, opening presents. It's a moment of family togetherness and great love and affection

. . . Little John Cowsill thinks his Mom, Mini-Barbara, is the greatest Mom in the whole wide world. He couldn't begin to

count all the things she's done for him, but there's one time that really stands out in his mind. It was a couple of years ago. John was sick and he was running a high fever. The doctor had given him medicine and said that the best thing for him to do was to sleep. But John was scared and he couldn't sleep. He'd never felt so sick in his entire life and it really frightened him. His mother came into the room 'cause she heard him crying into his pillow. Slowly, but surely, she comforted him and helped him overcome his fears. And then she pulled a chair up next to his bed and took his hand.

When John woke up in the morning, feeling much better, his mother was sitting in the same chair - still holding his hand. She'd sat up with him the entire night.

. . . Barry remembers a very special birthday that he had not so long ago. It was when The Cowsills were in the worst financial situation of their whole lives. Barry didn't expect to get any presents from anybody. He knew there was no money to buy them. He understood this, but still, it was his birthday and he felt sad.

When he came down for breakfast the morning of his birthday, he saw a big gift-wrapped box sitting on te chair at the table. The rest of the family was watching him - smiling. "Go ahead and open it, son," his father said. "It's your birthday present."

Barry quickly tore off the paper and opened the box. Inside was the model car he'd seen in town and wanted for a long time. The card was signed by the whole family. Barry never knew how or where they got the money to buy that car. But it meant more to him than any present he'd ever gotten in his whole life.

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