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Glitter & Gold
by Mike McDowell
March 1994
DISCoveries Magazine



ALL I REALLY WANTA BE IS ME/ AND THE NEXT DAY TOO          The Cowsills          1965

- Joda J-103

Prior to signing with MGM and earning international acclaim with such classic singles as "In Need Of A Friend," "Indian Lake" and the barbershop - inspired "PoorBaby," the Cowsills released this fine pair of garage rockers for Johnny Nash's Joda label. Both sides were composed by brothers Bill and Bob Cowsill, who displayed their British Invasion inspiration handsomely in "And The Next Day Too." But it is their command of the defiant punk snarl evidenced in "All I Really Wanta Be Is Me" that is most commendable, predating like-minded efforts by the Standells by several months.

Happily, after a layoff of nearly two decades, siblings Bob, John, Paul and Susan reformed the Cowsills in 1991 and have since become a strong draw on the Los Angeles club circuit. Group leader Bill Cowsill relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia in the 1970s and fronted the highly acclaimed Blue Northern, whose sublime synthesis of the stylistic essence of the Searchers and Michael Nesmith's First National Band earned them major Canadian hits with "Can't Make No Sense" and "You're Not The Same Girl" in 1980 and 1981. Today Bill Cowsill heads the duly-inspired Blue Shadows, whose On The Floor Of Heaven album (Columbia CK80181-Canada) was one of the best albums of 1993.


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