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Wild Honey Beach Boys Tribute Show Knocks it Out of the Park
by John Borack
February 15, 2016
Goldmine Magazine

Okay, let’s see how many Beach Boys clichés we can cram into one paragraph to describe the Wild Honey Foundation’s wonderful (there’s one) “Beach Boys 1967 – 1977” benefit show at the Alex Theatre in Glendale, California on February 13. Well, a little bird told me there were plenty of good vibrations and smiles to go around as a bevy of special guest vocalists helped celebrate the news and add some music to your day by performing nearly 40 tunes (the bulk of which were deep cuts) backed by their friends, the Wild Honey Orchestra. The special evening was filled with massive doses of endless harmony, with the singers and the supremely talented band keepin’ the summer alive for three solid hours.

. . .

From there it was one highlight after another: a spine-tingling version of “Heroes and Villains” with Al Jardine out in front and in fine voice; young, California-based singer/songwriter Nick Guzman putting across “I Can Hear Music” with a voice so sweet and pure that Carl Wilson would have been proud; Bangle Debbi Peterson and power pop hero John Wicks (of the Records) duetting on “Breakaway” (co-written by the much-maligned Murry Wilson); and Susan Cowsill belting out a spectacular “Sail On Sailor” (which she dedicated to Bryson), easily one of the pinnacles of the evening.

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