The Cowsills In Magazines

Gregg Yale Sues MGM Over Cowsills Deal
May 26, 1971
Variety Magazine

Hollywood, May 25
MGM Inc. and MGM Records have been sued for $315,000 in L.A. Superior Court by Gregg Yale, Inc. for damages purportedly resulting from a distribution deal over the pop group, Cowsills.

Plaintiff claims it had exclusive rights to the group and on June 1, 1967 agreed that MGM would have U.S. Distribution rights through May 31, 1970. Yale further claims on expiration of that pact, MGM had agreed to buy one-half the masters to Cowsills records.

Suit ask for monthly accountings and payment of royalities from August 1, 1969 through May 30, 1970, amounting to $209,000, additional damages from the post-contract agreement totalling $106,000 and has petitioned court to declare the rights of the parties involved.

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