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The Cowsills Haunted Lives and Other References
March 1968
For Teens Only Magazine

The Cowsills
The Cowsill family gets best wishes from their own mayor!

THE HOUSE stands on one of the few hislls in Newport, Rhode Island. It has twenty-two rooms and if you don't know your way around, you could easily get lost. Ivy grows all over the outside walls. Windows are broken and the screens hang half off so that if there's a strong wind, they slap against the side of the house and you can get frightened out of your wits by the sudden noise. The grass outside grows three feet high and Curly, the family dog, hunts rabbits and other wild animals there. This is where The Cowsills live all nine of them! It's their home!

It's a strange sort of place. There are seven bathrooms, but only one shower. And since the water pressure is pretty weak, Bob Cowsill says that the best time for him to shower is at about three in the morning! There isn't much furniture. And the cooking is done on a 1917 stove! It's a perfect place for a ghost to live and The Cowsills have one!!!

The ghost's name is Captain McCormick. He's a very friendly sort of guy. He doesn't groan or clank chains or carry his head in his hands to scare them. He just "joins" them every once in awhile when he's lonely. How do they know? Well, the air turns a little cooler there may be a slight draft in the room when all the windows are closed! Or a door may open and then close mysteriously.

The Cowsills have grown very fond of Captain McCormick. Of course, they don't except him to answer them (would you if you were a ghost?) but they talk to him sometimes and tell him stories just so he knows they're with him. He keeps them from being lonely 'cause they know he's usually around somewhere. And Captain McCormick makes them feel safe. How many burglars would want to rob a haunted house? If there's ever a fire, they're sure that Captain McCormick will let them know in some way. After all, he's their own personal ghost. They take care of him and he takes care of them.

The Cowsills love the haunted lives they lead in their haunted house! Wouldn't you?

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The Cowsills

Keep your eye on ED SULLIVAN . . . If you're a fan of THE COWSILLS, that is! Mr. Sullivan has signed the group to ten more television shows this year!

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