The Cowsills In Magazines

Incentive Marketing Vol 129
March 1970
Incentive Marketing Magazine

"Furthermore," he continue: "the message is absorbed in quiet surroundings without the competation of other sales messages. Thus the message will become completely familiar and seem like part of the teenager's own ideas." The poster, of course, must be attractrive and compelling. One poster was used recently which showed the Cowsills singing group," spokesmen in 1968-69.

The Cowsills, one of the hottest singing groups at that time, were a natural tie-in for a milk promotion. Besides being featured in ADA ads and commercials, they cut an original record, manufactured by MGM records and presented by the American Dairy Association, which - according to the copy - was a limited edition and thus expected to be a collector's item. The four original original numbers included a catchy, rhymic number urging the listener to "Wake up to a Milk Day" for energy. This song also was used as a there song for American Dairy Association's radio/TV commercials.

"In fact," Popper says, "we depend on offers and pulls to see if our message gets across. We are prohibited from giving case back offers in many states because it would be construed as price cutting.

If numbers of responses are used as a gauge to a promotion's effectiveness, the Cowsill off would have to be rated a success in getting across the Dairy Association message. Although a complete figure was not available, Popper stated that response had run in excess of 100,000.

A similar campaign began this fall with a premium offer tied into another current craze: astrology. 15-in diameter inflatable pillow, imprinted on one side with an astrological zodiac and on the with er personality traits assigned one of the 12 signs, was offered for $1.

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