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The Cowsills - We Asked For Their Most Intimate Secrets ANd They Told Us!
We've got the scoop on the singing C's - and we'll share EVERTHING with you!
July/August 1968
Star Time Groups Secrets Magazine


Just one big, happy family - or so it seems! But The Cowsills sometimes have their problems when they're together behind closed doors!


It's no secret that Susan thinks Dick's a groovy older brother! He's showing her a "special little item!" And though he won't admit it, he thinks his li'l sis is great!

IT TOOK a little convincing, but The Cowsills finally agreed to take us into their confidence and confess some of their deep, dark, hidden secrets! And if you swear secrecy - promise not to tell - anyone - we'll tell you exactly what The C's told us! Listen real close and - mum's the word!

... Bob tries to keep it a big secret, but one in awhile he's got to chuckle over the time he tried wearing a hat to school! He thought it'd make him look more sophisticated. Well, the results weren't quite what he expected. You see, no one seemed to like it. All his classmates, especially the girls, thought he was far too cute to hide und a big, sill hat! And besides, he has such groovy hair - why cover it?

... Bill tries to avoid a certain subject, but there comes a time when he's got to talk about it. He wishes someone would tell him to "shut up" once in awhile. It seems that occasionally, when he opens his mouth, the wrong thing comes out. And this has caused him a great deal of embarrassment. Poor Bill - he always seems to "goof-up" when he's with a girl he likes very much or when he's with someone he's trying especially hard to impress. So he wishes he could learn to keep quiet at the right time.

... Although it may sound silly now, Barry's biggest thrill, one Christmas, was receiving a rubber Popeye doll that cost 69 cents. Popeye was one of his favorite cartoon characters and he just loved the little toy!


Sometimes the guys have a dispute about the way they're going to do their music! Bob and John are having one now - but Barry and Barbara will step in to settle it!


Like Linus, Barry seems to need his security blanket too! Wonder what he's said or done to make him feel that way?

... John has an urge to be the first man on the moon—and travel there in an Apollo moon ship. He also hinted that he's looking for a girl who has the nerve to go on a trip with him into outer space—a girl who'll be his "spacemate!"

... One of the most embarrassing things that ever happened to Bob (he turns absolutely beet-red when he talks about it) was the time his teacher, in the first grade, made him wear a bow in his hair for punishment. He'-d been teasing one of the little girls who sat next to him. He had to tell his father why his teacher made him wear the bow when he got home. And for further punishment, Papa Bud made him keep wearing it!

... There's something Bill doesn't like to talk about too often because he doesn't want people to think he's bragging . . . but his family was very proud of him the first year of school—he kept getting A's and B's!

... Much as he hates to admit it, Barry confesses there's a family problem with the boys. It always seems that two of the brothers are arguing about something at one time or another. And because it's such a large family, everyone gets involved and tends to take sides. But on the other hand, there are advantages to having so many brothers and a groovy sister! For one, there's always someone to have fun with, play hide-and-seek or football with. And above all, you're never, ever lonely!

... John revealed that there seems to be a socks and undershirt problem in the Cowsill household. Because it's such a large family, they tend to borrow one another's clothes. And when John's looking for a certain pair of socks, he's not quite sure where to look—in Barry's room, Bill's room or Bob's room??? Eventually everything gets back to its rightful owner. But in the meantime, it gets very confusing!

... Bob has one big goal in life. He'd like to buy a boat-car. You can drive it like any ordinary car, only this one can also go in the water—just like a boat! He's afraid that one day he'll wake up and find that all this success is just a dream and that he'll never be able to buy his boat-car. But The C's success is very real. So maybe, one day, Bob will be taking a drive—in the ocean!

... Bill sometimes gets an urge to write—letters, stories and even poems. And even though his brothers tease him about it, he's quite a romantic. He likes to dine with candlelight, music, flowers and a pretty girl. If he feels like it, and the girl he's with is really special, he may read one of his poems to her. Lucky girl!

... Barry opened up about the time he went shopping and bought himself a whole new outfit of mod gear! He certainly felt dapper! He wore the outfit to school for the first time and everyone "flipped" for it! Well, Barry was feeling on top of the world—until he realized he'd spent his allowance money for the next two months! He's sworn off spending sprees, by the way.

... John may be the youngest Cowsill, but that certainly doesn't mean he hasn't noticed girls. In fact, he thinks mini-skirts are the greatest invention since ice cream! He especially likes minis on his fab Mom, Barbara. John thinks she's the grooviest girl he knows! • • •

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