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The Blue Shadows - Lucky To Me
April 10, 2016
London Yoddler Magazine

The Blue Shadows
On The Floor Of Heaven
Bumstead Records 1992

After being kicked out of the hit family band The Cowsills, lead singer Bill Cowsill headed out to the green pastures of Canada where he would join the excellent pop band, Blue Norhtern, and then with Jeffrey Hatcher form The Blue Shadows. Their debut On The Floor Of Heaven is a true alt-country masterpiece featuring Cowsill’s and Hatcher’s Every Brothers-style harmonies and twelve great original songs. The rest of the band, bassist Elmer Spanier and drummer J. B. Johnson, are joined by guest musicians, steel guitarist Greg leisz and some sweet fiddle playing from Gary Comeaqu.

There isn’t a weak track on the album, with outstanding songs like “The Fool is the Last One to Know with a vocal that reminds me of Dave Edmunds – in fact the whole album with those harmonies sounds like the best output of Rockpile. Other faves include “Think On It” (what a killer chorus), “A Thousand Times” (the Everly sound in full effect) and the great hurtin’ country song, “The Embers.”

The long out of print album saw a re-release in 2010 which included a second disc of recordings from 1992-96, including more great originals like “A Paper and A Promise” and “A Little Bit Lonesome, A Little Bit Blue, and cool covers like Merle Haggard’s “If We make It Through December”, Joni Mitchell’s “Raised On Robbery” and Michel Pagliaro’s “What the Hell I Got.”

The band split after a second album Lucky to Me, with Jeffrey Hatcher continuing with the Jeffrey Hatcher Band and Cowsill playing with the band The Co-Dependents as well as doing production work before passing away in 2006.

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