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Music Benefit for Tim Bryson
by Joanne A Calitri
November 27, 2015
Montecito Journal Magazine

The history of the Santa Barbara music scene is most remembered during the pivotal periods from 1969 through the early 1980. Bands sprung up from every corner of our town, mirroring the influences of The Beatles , the Beach Boys, the Kinks, The Knack, and bands played concerts at the Earl Warren Show grounds such as The Who and Jimi Hendrix. It was those musicians who founded a new subculture here and the music mattered – it was loved and lauded.

Bands intermingled, traded members, and remixed to find their core. Bands of note were The Tearaways, The Dreamers, The Pranks, The Puppies, The Tan and Norman Allan. Every block in town had live music venues. With the rise of disco, the local live music scene died. Many of our musicians went on to success in the Music Industry in L. A., San Francisco, New York City and abroad. However, the heartfelt bonds among them remain solid to this day. So solid, that when one of them needs help, the tribe is there, no question.

And thus, when Puppies member Tim Bryson was diagnosed with cancer this year and needed help, the Benefit for Tim Bryson took place on November 12 at Blind Tiger, featuring 19 bands from our town’s epic music era in a four-hour concert, raising more than $12K in one night. Many of the bands hadn’t played together with the original members in 30 years, but they performed seamlessly, making it seem no time had passed to the 500 local residents who came to listen, hug, dance and bring their love and support for Tim.

. . .

Q. Tell us about Tim’s music history in SB and his current forays.

A. . . . Since the mid-1980s, he has played for the last several years with The Bob Cowsill Band and has been a music producer / performer / engineer for the last 20-plus years , working on countless movies and TV shows with old music friend Robert Irving in L. A. . . .

Q. What bands were on the bill?

A. . . . Jeffrey Foskett and John Cowsill wanted to attend, but The Beach Boys were booked to play in Australia at that time. So we told Mike Love about Time, Mike, Bruce, Jeffrey, and the other Beach Boys taped a song especially for Tim and for the performance. . . .

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