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Real Gone
March, 2006
Mojo Magazine

Barry Cowsill
Born 1954

HIS SIBLINGS often called Barry the most musically talented Cowsill, which is saying a lot. Older brother Billy almost replaced Brian Wilson in The Beach Boys and those same siblings comprised The Cowsills, an American pop phenomenon during the mid-to-late '60s.

Influenced by The Beatles, Barry joined his brothers Billy, Bob, Paul and John in a successful Rhode Island garage band; mother Barbara and little sis' Susan were soon added by father Bud, creating a template that would spawn the TV series The Partridge Family.

Barry was later somewhat successful in the East Coast New Wave scene before relocating to New Orleans during the '90s. The most troubled Cowsill albeit a kind, lovable soul he attempted suicide at least once. His brothers were bringing him back to California for rehab when Hurricane Katrina struck. Susan - who lost everything in the storm received a final September 1 phone message: "I don't know how to get out of town... I've been so fucking lonely. I hope to get in touch." Barry's body, recovered at a wharf, was identified two days after Christmas. Coroners ruled his death a drowning.

Bill Holdship


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