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Cowsills Reveal Moooo-cho Info!
December 16, 1970
Balloon Magazine

BOB SAYS: "I like what I'm doing in the group, or I wouldn't be doing it. I'd like to do something different, perhaps a television series. I like learning about different things because it helps me to write. What I like about psychology is learning by observing. It's strange, but at least 99% of men walk with their hands in their pockets. I like California. The weather is great, and I like the mountains — the up and down of it here. Most of all, I like my new wife, Nanci."

PAUL SAYS: "I like football. I'd like to play professional football, then be a gym teacher. I like having a good time just being with friends, even if you only sit around rapping all night. A group of about 20 is just great. You can do anything — go to a game or a dance, have a pizza, have fun. What I like about recording is that you take a basic track, and it sounds so bare. Then you add and add, and something exciting and complete emerges. I'm into music now, and really enjoying it."

BARRY SAYS: "I really dig girls. Girls that aren't too dippy, that is. I like them to have a good sense of humor, be quiet, but not shy. The best thing about concerts is when there are lots of teen-aged girls. Concerts are exciting. I like the 'escape' part, when you run for the stage door before the fans descend. When the girls start screaming, I really dig it! But sometimes, I'd like to live as a hermit in the Rocky Mountains, even though I've never been camping except in the back yard. I'd like living with just animals. I could take a bear cub and raise it. I'd build a log cabin. I like the color yellow. I also like green, but not to wear — green grass and green trees. For college, I'd like an old MG. They're cool. My bachelor car: a Corvette. And maybe a Rolls Royce for class. I also like happy music when I'm in a sad mood, TV cartoons, and John Wayne movies. I like to do imitations: I have about 10 voices." (Note: We like ALL of Barry's likes - but we like his FIRST like best!)

When the Cowsills made a surprise visit to BALLOON'S offices the other day (they came to wish Gregeroo a Happy Rrhhday) (and brought along a cake) (with 200 candles, yet!) it set everybody here on our staferoo to thinking. Whenever you see the Cowsills, your spirits soar (even when they aren't bringing you a surprise birthday cake)! The point is, the Cowsills are always fun to be around, and they turn on a day something wonderful. When you think about it, that may be what's wrong with this world. Too many people are complaining about nasty things, and too few people have smiles on their faces. We decided to find out the secret of the Cowsills' happiness, so we asked each member of the family (except Papa Cowsill and Dick, who don't perform with the group) to tell us all the things they like. (There are very few things any of them are negative about.) Here's the result of our survey, and we think you'll understand the secret of the Cowsill Turn On when you've read the amazing things each member of the family has to say!


The COWSILLS have some pretty definite ideas about things.

JOHN SAYS: "What I really like are scary movies. Like with Christopher Lee. I don't like to read. I think that's terrible, but I haven't found anything lately I WANT to read. All the books now seem to be about super-heroes. I only watch TV on Saturdays. Cartoons drive, me crazy! I guess I really just like to loaf. I think hippies are really cool!. I mean the 'true hippies,' not those who were just doing it because it was 'in.' I loved it when we went to Europe for the San Remo Festival. My favorite places were St. Peter's in Rome and the Sistine Chapel. But what I'd really like to do is get out on tour for a whole 90 days, without a visit to a barber!"

SUSAN SAYS: "I love horses. My Dad says maybe we can get a ranch after we finish our next tour. On my birthday my brother Bob is going to take me horseback riding. The first time I tried, I was good. Most people fall off. I bet I learned from watching TV. I like horses better than dogs, but you can't have a horse in New York. I love my black poodle, Suebar. I like to travel, except when I can't take Suebar. When he was a baby, we had to. Mom would put him in her pocket when we were places you couldn't have a dog. But he kept sticking his head out. I like school because of my friends. My friend in school is my best friend. We

spent the night in my brothers' tent because they were rehearsing. We weren't scared until it got late. We had the Ouija board and it started to move! I like math. The last time I got straight A's. I used to hate math until I learned how to do it. After school I like to listen to records and watch TV with Suebar. I like to draw, but I don't draw pictures, I draw designs. I started some knitting, but I'm too busy. I don't knit anything, I just knit. I like flowers and stutted animals. Pink and green. I like to dress Suebar up in doll clothes. I like to cook. Scrambled eggs. And I like it when my mother bakes cakes. You get all that goo on your hands. Do you know what I like to do with glue? I like to spread it all over my hands, let it dry, and then peel it off. I like JULIA and MOD SQUAD and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE. My favorite television stars are the Monkees, even though they don't have their series any more. I luv Davy Jones, even better than Suebar! My favorite 'movie stars are Vanessa Redgrave and Richard Harris. Did you see CAMELOT? I saw it nine times, and I cried at the end every time. I thought I wasn't going to, but I did. Could I tell you a secret? I like to talk. My brothers say I talk too much! What do you think? But I like it when they are nice to me, and let me come along." (Note: No, Susan, we won't say you talk too much—but we WILL say we understand why Barry liken quiet girls!)

BARBARA SAYS: "The most important thing is to have a successful family. Raising a family is the name of MY game."

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