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The Cowsills
More Happy Than Hippy
October 1968
Movie Teen Magazine


By Anne Vaughan, age 16
FRECKLES, LAUGHTER, BIG BROWN EYES a Munster-like mansion, a mini-mommy and a lot of alive talent. This is a Cowsill. It took America five hundred years to create one.

Five hundred years of mixing nationalities, races, philosophies, beliefs and democracy within its borders. Five hundred years of making families from all the people of all the countries of the world and an entirely new dimension in entertainment practically just happened. While ironically the music industry did not fabricate the Cowsills for a publicity gimmick, it and the whole country played a major role in their coming. The time was right for the Beatles and a few years later a time was right for the Cowsills.

In the current pop scene, The Cowsills have fitted nicely in their own little niche labeled fine entertainment. They have produced good, lively music coupled with happy-sounding lyrics of free-wheeling, free-flying living and loving. Though the term family entertainment may seem a bit insulting to hard acid rockers and electronic experience makers, The Cowsills have ridden above the derision and are weathering well the erosion of the rock field. They've got a ticket to ride and they are doing it sincerely.

A little bit about them:
Bill, Bob, Barry and John are the main core of the act with an occasional assist from mom or sister Susan. The three remaining Cowsills manage the background work that is usually never heard aboutóDick, 18, Paul, 16, and father Bud Cowsill.

Bill's nickname is Shadow because he is very thin and doesn't cast one. A sensitive personóhe says he enjoys being with people who aren't afraid to cry. Don't step on anyone or get stepped on is his advice for success yet the thing he dislikes most about his work is growing up. He is 20.

Bob is 18 and likes The Beatles and the Association. He talks a lot about getting married and settling down in the country. He also wants to become a teacher someday, travel around the world and stay out of elevators because "they make my stomach go up to my head."

Barry likes symphony orchestra best but also enjoys the Beatles and Wayne Newton. His brother Bob admires him for his musical performances above many others. His nickname is Bee and he thinks seaweed is horrible. Barry is 13.

Youngest John says the person he would like to meet most is Phyllis Diller. His most embarrassing moment was dropping a drumstick on stage. Not too interested in girls yet, John says his dream girl is mom. Not too unnatural for a 12 year old.


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