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Meet The Mother Behind The Start!
A mother never stops loving and worrying ... even when her child is a Hollywood star!
May 1971
Movieland Magazine


A modern example of this (after speaking of The Nelsons) is the Cowsill family. Barbra Cowsill, with a age and very talented girl, all took to family harmony as a means out of middle-class starvation. Barbara's sweet voice was as necessary to their group, they told her, as was any of the others. So Mom, who had been satisfied to cook, clean, budget and raise her grood, joined them and troupes around the world with them. They call her their "Minimom" and she is content to do her share as long as they want her. But what is most important to her is watching her kids grow up the right way even if she has to follow them to fame.

Barbara said honestly, "I was satisfied to be a stay-at-home 'Mommie' but since it hasn't worked out that ay, I'm making the most of being one of them. When we raise our voices in harmony, (often in a song the boys wrote) I know there's harmony of a different kind among us Cowsills and for the first time we are at last free of money worries. In a way, I suppose, we're trouping like the Trapp family, only we have a rock beat. Now that Susie is getting to be a teenager, being with her and the boys in show business has a satifaction all its own. I was a mother before I was a singer, but as Mr. Gleason says of applause, 'How sweet it is!'"

Mothers are all pretty much the same and when you look into it, you find that Mom as there doing her bit when her child was knocking on closed doors.

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