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The Cowsills
The smile, the laugh, the love and other things
July 1968
Movie Teen Magazine


THE DRIVEWAY WIGGLES its way past ancient trees and forgotten hills deep into the Rhode Island countryside. Almost magically, an ivy-colored Munster-like mansion appears where before there had been only scattered woodland. The unreal quality of the atmosphere is further effected by the broken windows and hanging screens and a little dog who hunts rabbits and other wild things in his own front-yard forest of three foot high grass. The place could only exist in AmericaŚlike the Cowsills who live there.

Turning out an entirely new dimension in music, The Cowsills are a family affair whose main goal was to be themselves.They didn't make it by following the established route of other musical groups where hippiness counted more than happiness and long hair was a staunch requirement. They made it because they refused to accept the notion that the listening public was more interested in looks than in sound. The Cowsills aren't sullen or angry and they are nicely rounding off the corners of the musical scene.

The Cowsills were a family affair right from the start and show business hasn't changed that. There are nine Cowsills and each contributes to the success of the group. Dick and John Cowsill who write, produce and perform most of their songs with occasional help from mother Barbara and little sister Susan.

Bill, 20, is bass, lead guitarist, and songwriter. A keen wit, and a bit mysterious, he takes his work very seriously, yet ironically enough finds that he composes best in his sleep. His favorite music is The Beatles with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass a close second.

Bob, 19, plays the lead guitar, organ and banjo. He is best known for jumping around like a kangaroo and being full of surprises. He likes sitar music.

Barry, 14, would like to be a scientist. He owns a pet hampster known as Dillon and loves lobster more than anything else. His favorite instrument is the cello. Barry is easy to find on stage because he never stops moving.

John, 12, plays the drums. His favorite sport is breaking drumsticks, footpeddles and drumheads and his favorite girl is Mom. John wants to be a baker some day. He is easy to find on stage too. Just look up.

Mini-mommy Barbara Cowsill is moral supporter mainly, but occasionally lends her clear voice to the boy's harmony whenever they need it. She also takes care of their Munster-like mansion in Newport, R. I. It's the house with 22 rooms, 7 bathrooms, one shower, one 1917 gas range, one family dog Curly, and 8 riotous Cowsills having fun.

By Beverly Warren, Age 14

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