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New Release
Up On The Chair, Beatrice By The Psycho Sisters
August 2014
No Depression Magazine

Available August 5, 2014
Record Label: RockBeat Records

The Psycho Sisters are Susan Cowsill, who’d won America’s heart as a little girl singing in the ’60s family band The Cowsills, teamed up with friend and Bangles’ guitarist Vicki Peterson. For a decade, the two were members of the all-star Americana ensemble the Continental Drifters, which included the Dream Syndicate’s Mark Walton, guitar ist Robert Mache, the dB’s’ Peter Holsapple and New Orleans drummer Russ Broussard (Cowsill’s husband). Over the years, the two would occasionally talk about recording, but the timing was never right. Finally, in 2012 they found themselves, in Cowsill’s words, “not doing anything for a minute.” They convened at the fabled Dockside Studio in Maurice, Louisiana, to finally make the long-awaited Psycho Sisters album.

For their debut full-length recording, they've eschewed convention and chose material dating from the early ’90's, their fledgling days of writing and performing. As Cowsill explains it, “We don’t do anything in a normal way.” Cowsill found the process “sweet and cathartic,” while Peterson describes the recording experience as “absolutely magical.” The resulting album conveys that enchanting spirit.

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