The Cowsills In Magazines

March 6, 2006
People Magazine

The real-life Cowsill caln (in '69, including William, top left and Barry) inspired The Partridge Family

DEATHS William Cowsill, 58, frontman for the family pop band the Cowsills, died recently in Calgary, Alta. After scoring hits like "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" and "Hair" in the late '60s, the family ensemble-made up of William, his brothers Barry, Bob, John and Paul, sister Susan and mom BarbaraŚwas the inspiration for the 70s TV show The Partridge Family. Relatives received word of William's death just as they were memorializing Barry Cowsill, the band's bassist, whose body was found in New Orleans Dec. 28 in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina....

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