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February 10, 1968
Record World Magazine



Names And Faces


A number one record, "The Rain, The Park And Other Things", really estabished in America that phenomenal family the Cowsills. Here their current MGM record is "We Can Fly". Phenomenal family? Well, there is Bill Cowsill, Bob Cowsill, Barry Cowsill and John Cowsill, nucleus of the group. Mummy Barbara Cowsill comes in and lends her voice to the harmony whenever it i needed. Road managers Dick and Paul Cowsill keep out of the limelight. And Susan Cowsill, a wee baby sister who just looks cute. And Bud Cowsill, dad figure, who co-ordinated the whole amazing scene. They all live in a 22-room mansion on top of a hill in Rhode Island. They call it a "Munster-like" palace. Curly Cowsill, the dog, hunts rabbits in the unkempt gardens. Not so long ago, the family came close to losing everything. No money, discontinued phones, a furnace without oil, bitter cold. They went to New York. There they met Arnie Kornfeld, producer and writer. He introduced them to Lenny Stogel, a manager who knew how best to project their talents. In just a very few weeks, the Cowsills became one of the hottest properties in the Amerian disc market. But whatta family! During their recent visit to London it seemed there was a Cowsill every which way you looked! In the above pic the Cowsills present a tape recorder record player to top D.J. Tony Blackburn.

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