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The Cowsills
October 1970
Who's Who in the Teen World Magazine


The Cowsills is a real family happening that began with the marriage of William Joseph Cowsill and Barbara Russell in 1946. The clan now numbers ten and every member is involved in some way. The Cowsill kids grew up playing and singing, so it was only natural that one day they'd be entertaining professionally. That day came and MGM Records gave The Cowsills the chance to record 'The Rain, The Park and Other Things." It was an immediate success. Ed Sullivan signed the family for ten guest shots, MGM started talking movies and The Cowsills continued to produce hit after hit.

Bill Cowsill, Jr. was born in Providence, Rhode Island, on January 9, 1948. The oldest son in the family. Bill was the group's leader and song writer until he decided to go it alone in 1969. Bill's married to Karen Locke.

Bob and Dick are fraternal twins born on August 26, 1949, in Portsmouth, Virginia. Bob, who has taken Bill's place as chief Cowsill and is newly married, does the group's song writing and arranging. Dick, just back from the service, is The Cowsills' road manager and lighting technician.

Paul, next in line, was born in Portsmouth on November 11, 1952. His real love's football, though he's enjoying the life of an entertainer at the moment.

Barry, who's quite big with the ladies, was born on September 14, 1954, in Newport, Rhode Island. Singing and playing lead guitar are his duties as a Cowsill.

Drummer boy John was born in Newport on March 2, 1956. Freckles are John's trademark and his wish is to be a drum teacher someday.

Susan, the only daughter in the family, was born on May 20, 1959, in Canton, Ohio. Susan likes to talk, to sing and to play with the honorary member of the Cowsill clan—her dog Suebar.

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