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Susie Cowsill Squeals On Her Brothers
October 1969
For Teens Only Magazine


The Cowsill gentlemen have ready smiles, Bob, Paul, Barry and Johnny always feel happy.

WHEN a girl has what sometimes seems like a ton of brothers, there's bound to be a bit of teasing from time to time. So you can't blame the girl for wanting to "get back" at her brothers if she has the chance. And since Susie Cowsill's the girl in question and the Cowsill boys are the brothers, we're giving her the opportunity to do just that.

"Bob's a good place to start," Susie said, "And the thing I want to tell about him is that he talks funny! Really. He makes up the dopiest words that mean something only he knows. They're not any langauge—just sounds he happens to like. Weird."


But Susie's tales may make them frown!

Paul, the next brother in line, got his share, too. Susie told us that he's so nuts about sports, he usually ends up taking his dates to sporting events! None of the girls have complained yet... but there can always be a first time.

"Barry has a crush on Donald Duck," Susie continued. "I'm not kidding—all he talks about is Donald Duck. He imitates Donald Duck. He sings in Donald Duck voices. He does everything but waddle! I'm sure that if he had one wish, he'd want to be best friends with Donald Duck!"

And Johnny? Susie didn't miss him, either. The big secret we found out about him is that he's completely and utterly girl-crazy! He'd never admit it, though, even while under the worst kinds of torture. Still and all, the facts are the facts. And the fact is that when Johnny sees a pretty girl, he does two or three double-takes!

It might sound as if Susie and her brothers aren't the best of friends. But they are. There's teasing, sure—on both sides. But there's also a lot of love.

"Sometimes I don't know what to do with them," Susie said. "But I don't know what I'd do without them, either."

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