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Secret Family Feuds Of The Cowsills
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It wasn't so long ago that The Cowsills, a whole family of rock 'n' rollers, came close to losing everything they had. Then luck came to them in the form of MGM records and their first big release, "The Rain, The Park and Other Things." Now they are riding high. Can it be that they don't really like each other? Well... you know how it is with a big family ... Mini-mama Barbara Cowsill, who lends her sweet voice to the boys' harmony, puts it this way. "Bill, Bob, Barry, and John - four strapping, scrapping boys don't all brothers squabble?" And they surely do; for reasons like these: ....


Bill screams when he wants to wear his fave shirt and he can't because Brother Bob is already wearing it on a date.

Barry sees red when he goes to the refrigerator for a midnight snack and finds that his brothers ate all the goodies before he got there.

John really raves when little sister Susan has hidden his drumsticks so he can't practice. Susie says she hides them because John wants to practice early in the morning when the rest of the family is dying to get some sleep.

Bob yells when anyone says that Bill is the handsomer brother and he's the smarter one.

John swears he'll move out when he wants to take a hot bath or shower and finds that his other brothers have used up all the hot water.

Bill is mad enough to kill when he likes a girl enough to bring her home for the rest of the family to meet and his brothers tell her all sorts of horrible things. They solemny say things like he snores, he steals candy from babies, and he eats with his fingers. It's all in fun, but Bill doesn't see it that way.

Mama Barbara says that when all four boys start in on her at once, she's ready to take the nearest plane and let them shift for themselves.

Dick and Paul Cowsill, who don't perform but keep equipment and dates in tip-top shape for the boys, scream they're ready to quit when one singin' brother is late for a recording date and everyone else is waiting.

Brotherly Love? Sure .... spiced with plenty of family feuding. Are they really a very happy and loving family? You bet they are. Would they change anything in any way? Not on your life!

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