The Cowsills In Magazines

Flower Girl
by Steve Morton
February 2017
Shell Point Magazine


. . .

My eyes lit up like Pepe Le Pew, the French skunk in the Looney Tunes cartoon series. Ah, Líamour! I was invited to sit and make my neighbors acquaintance, but a song in my head began to intensify, and The Cowsillsí 1967 top-forty hit grew in my head like the vine, strangling all other rational thought.

I knew I had to say hello
She smiled up at me
And she took my hand
And we walked through the park alone

And I knew
She had made me happy
Flowers I her hair
Flowers everywhere

I love the flower girl
Oh, I donít know just why
She simply caught my eye
I love the flower girl
She seemed so sweet and kind,
She crept into my mind

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