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The Cowsill Talk About Themselves
Never - before - published! Cowsill facts, fancies and fears - especially for you!
April 1968
Star Time Magazine


THE COWSILLS are one of the hottest groups going right now - and that's why we at STAR TIME decided to have an exclusive private interview with them. We got all the intimate inside information as they answered questions and talked about themselves. So here is our story on The Cowsills - with everything you want to know . . .

Q. What's the nicest thing that ever happened to you?
(Bob) Finding hotels that served spaghetti while on tour.

Q. What's the saddest thing that ever happened?
(Bob) All those hotels without spaghetti.
(Barry) Walking around school feeling so sharp in mod gear and a Beatle's haircut - and then came report card time! I didn't feel so sharp after that.
(John) Showing off once while twirling a pair of drumsticks. I dropped them right in front of the whole audience!

Q. What's the worst thing about coming from such a big family? (There are nine C's.)
(Bill) There's never any peace or quiet and things are always hectic!
(Bob) There's never enough socks and underwear to go around. You never have anything to wear 'cause someone's already borrowed it!
(Barry) Two brother having a fight - and then everybody getting in on it!
(John) Eating in shifts because the table's too small!

Q. What's the nicest thing about a big family?
(John) Getting a chance to eat together!
(Bob) Someone's always there to help you if you have a problem to be solved!
(Bill) Everbody waking each other up at three o'clock on Christmas morning and going down together to open presents under the biggest tree in the world!
(Barry) There's always someone around to play football with!

Q. If you could buy anything you wanted to, what would it be?
(Bill) A Chrysler boat-car. It goes on land and water and I'd really love that!
(John) An Apollo moon ship!

Q. What kind of girs do you like?
(Barry) All girls!
(Bill) Spontaneous girls who'll do something on the spur of the moment just because it sounds like fun!
(John) I like girls in mini-skirts, including my mom, who wears them. That's why we call her our mini-mom!
(Bob) Girls with a sense of humor. (All his family says he's the funniest Cowsill.)

Q. Where do you like to go on dates?
(Bill) I don't have much time for dating - but when I do go out I like it to be casual. So we usually stay in Newport and go to a movie or something. Most of the time I don't have any special plans and I decide right then and there.
(Bob) I like going into New York City because it's so lively. There's a lot happening there - movies, clubs, restaurants - anything I'm in the mood for.

Q. Who are your fav show biz personalities?
(Bob) I really go for Sidney Poitier. And Sandy Dennis!
(Bill) Sidney Poitier.
(Barry) The Beatles and Lulu!
(John) The Monkees!

Q. What do yo like to do in your spare time?
(Bill) What spare time?
(Bob) Eat
(John) Be in Newport and play with Curly. (Curly's the family dog)
(Barry) Play football.
(Bill) What I really do is write poetry and some of my own song lyrics.

Q. How did your parents keep you in line?
(Bob) The good old-fashioned way.
(Bill) And it worked. (It's hard to imagine 6'1" Bill ever getting spanked.)

Q. What are your future plans, aside from show biz?
(John) I want to become a surgeon and have a big family just like ours - and a big table, just like we don't have, so we can all eat together!
(Bill) Right now I'm going to Rhode Island Junior College and I'll probably major in English or science. I want to go on with my writing - maybe even get a novel published someday.
(Bob) I'm going to the University of Rhode Island and I'm thinking of majoring in math. My future plans include passing all those exxams! And enjoying school vacations!
(Barry) When I go to college - and I definately plan to - I think I'll try to get on the football team. Who knows, I may even play professional football some day.

Q. What would you like to see printed about you?
(Everybody) The truth!
(Bill) And that The Cowsills are an ultra-sonic, outasite group.

They are!

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