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Teen Preview 1968 Magazine - Other References
February 1968
Star Time Teen Preview Magazine

Hot Scoops On Happening People!



The male members of The Cowsill group tease more than most other guys! And who's the object of this teasing??? Why, the only female Cowsill child, of course!

Little Susan Cowsill is the baby of the family and has the distinct honor of being the only girl among all those boys. She's constantly being teased by her all-brother family, who simple adore their sweet, baby sister - eve if they won't admit it publicly.

For of Susan's big brother comprise the nucleus of the group - Bob, Bill, Barry and John. Two other brothers, Dick and Paul, are the groups' road managers. They chose to keep the group equipment in order rather than being on the performing end of the line.

Still another male, Papa Bud Cowsill, is the coordinator of the whole works. And finally, Susan finds a female comrade in her mother - Barbara Cowsill. Mom is also in the act. She adds her sweet, clear voice to the boys' harmony - whenever it's needed!



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