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The Girl Who May Break Up The Cowsills
February 1970
Screen Scene Magazine


A gorgeous blue-eyed blond named Nanci Roberts was the culprit. She began what may be a series of departures for the Cowsills. Her target: Bob, the oldest of the Cowsill boys.

Now Nanci is a Cowsill herself and she, Bob, and the rest of the Cowsills couldn't be happier.

Soon after the Cowsills moved to California, almost three years ago, Bob began attending Hollywood College. That's where it happened in a French class. He met Nanci and it was love at first sight. They began going steady almost immediately.

Then he popped the question, she accepted, and they set a date for the 27th of June (last summer). It was changed to an earlier date and the marriage finally took place on the 6th of June.

With Paul Cowsill as best man (champagne-in-hand) and Susan Cowsill sparkling as the junior bridesmaid, the big Glendale Presbyterian Church ceremony was a happy one for everyone. After the wedding, Bob and Nanci Cowsill flew to the Bahamas, where they honeymooned.

But now that Bob and Nanci are settled down in their new Santa Monica apartment and everybody's happy, it brings to mind a big question: Will their marriage split up the Cowsills? Will they work as a group or separately?

At this point, it looks like both. The Cowsills will not vanish as a group they're too good together. But they will accept gigs on their own. Barry Cowsill will be cutting a record on his own and John might be guest-stinting on television without the other members of the family.

Don't worry, though. You'll be seeing a lot of the Cowsills whether they're together or not.

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