The Cowsills In Magazines

Tinsel Toons
by Pleasant Gehman
January 15, 1993
BAM Magazine


Psycho Sisters: Vicki Peterson and Susan Cowsill pose for our photographer Photos: Anna 'Flash' Luken

The Cowsills and the Continental Drifters headlined the most recent Club Revolution "Acoustic" Night, sponsored by BAM and Guild Guitar, at the Coconut Teaszer in West Hollywood on December 11th. This "Toys for Kids" benefit ended up being a very special evening; in fact, more than several people commented that they hadn't felt such a good vibe in a Sunset Strip club in...well. ever. The Cowsills delivered their first electric performance in nearly a year...and it was terrific as usual. Showcasing new member Berton Averre, formerly of the Knack, on lead guitar, the group delivered power-pop of the highest, hard-rockin' order, and those sweet Cowsill harmonies were perfect for the holiday season. In fact, a jaded friend told me that Bob Cowsill's original Xmas song—which they did for an encore—brought tears to his eyes. (The same friend—a respected bassist in his own right—also pointed out that drummer John Cowsill is "a rhythm section's wet- dream.") I swear, "Is It Any Wonder" should at least be on a commercially available record by now. if not a hit single. What is it with you record company guys, anyway? They're famous, they're charismatic...and. more importantly, they're terrifically talented. Harmonies were the order of the night from the C. Drifters as well, although the group kicked off the set with a great version of "Never on Sunday." which almost made you feel Greek.

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