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February 1968
TV Radio Mirror Magazine

Inside Story

The Cowsills, whose mother, four sons and daughter comprise a family singing group, will be appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show over the next two years. They'll be paid not only in cash but also in goods, such as a washing machine, dryer, diswasher and toaster.



GREEN PASTURES: Out of a Munster-like mansion and onto the Ed Sullivan Show and record charts have thundered - The Cowsills! There's Bill, Bob, Barry, John and Susan, plus their mini-mother Barbara, to do the singing. There's Father Cowsill who coordinates the conglomeration, which also includes Dick and Paul who work behind the scenes, and dig teasing their singing baby sis. Their house was falling apart, the furniture was chopped up for fire wood, there was no heat, the mortgage was about to be foreclosed, etc. Then, in the nick of time, they made a record, "The Rain, The Park, and Other Things," and became stars.



**** The Cowsills, Bill, Bob, Barry, John and Barbara (Mom) Cow-sill (MGM)—Spin this one on some dreary winter day for instant springtime! It's just that bright and sunny and warm. But you don't have to be snowbound or deep in the blues to enjoy the tuneful, upbeat singing of this family group.
The first track on this debut album has already become a hit single: "The Rain, The Park and Other Things." However, every one of the eleven other songs is a potential hit: "River Blue." "That's My Time of the Day," and "Gettin' Into That Sunny, Sunny Feelin' Again" are our personal picks.
The group sings straight out, with no gimmicks, but with intricate shad-ings of harmony. "How Can I Make You See" has a gospel flavor, while "Troubled Roses" has a mild rock beat.
Equally good are "Stop, Look. Is Anyone There?" "Pennies," "La Rue du Soleil," "Thinkin' About the Other j Side," and "Dreams of Linda."
This is a winner.

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