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The Cowsill U Never, Never Never C!
May 1968
Fifteen Magazine

Note: This article is very confused who Bob is and yes this is written in it's own language (so to speak)

FIFTEEN pokes its nose into the MYSTERY OF THE CENTURY! Wot can be done? Hoo can solve it? Where are the answers?

IT'S THE MYSTERY of the month! All over Hollywood, people are gathering in small groups and whispering about the very same subject! It's all very strange and mysterious, and nobody wants to talk about it openly, but it's a subject which MUST BE BROUGHT OUT INTO THE OPEN! The mystery concerns that soopa new groop, THE COWSILLS, and it concerns a Cowsill you NEVER, NEVER SEE! His name is Richard Cowsill, and he's the cutest boy in the entire world (or almost) and there's a very big mystery surrounding him! WHY DO YOU NEVER SEE RICHARD? Why doesn't Richard (Dick) appear on stage with all the others? Why doesn't Dick sing with the groop? What mysterious reason is being kept so well hidden to all these questions?

If you ask anybody these questions, they have a quick answer. "Dick is the road manager for the groop. He drives the station wagon and sets up the stage and handles the lights and all that. He's kept very busy doing all these chores, so he doesn't have a chance to appear in the spotlight. "

Now, that answer sounds reasonable, doesn't it? It makes sense, or at least appears to. But LOOK A LITTLE DEEPER! There are certain facts which must be divulged!

These facts prove that the answer you have just read is not enough!

Fact Number One: Dick is the groove of grooves. He's so fantastically handsome, girls swoon just at the sight of him. He's very rugged and very mature for his age, and he has the most adorable eyes in the world. He BELONGS ON STAGE, WHERE PEOPLE CAN SEE HIM.

Fact Number Two: It is certainly possible for the Cowsills to afford another road manager. (Their brother Paul Cowsill, also a handsome groove, could handle that chore very nicely without Dick. Or they could hire an outsider if they had to.)

Fact Number Three: Dick has a fabulous (though untrained) singing voice. He doesn't play any musical instrument like an expert, but he's very intelligent, and he could learn to play any instrument in a very short period of time!

Fact Number Four: Dick would add the the Cowsill show immensely. The audience would luv him. Girls would tear the doors down, just for the chance to see him. He would be a groove, and he luvs to entertain!

Add all these facts together, and the mystery deepens! Why don't we see more of Dick? Are they holding him back, so he can become a surprise addition in case the groop ever starts to lose popularity? Are they saving him for some special event? Are they getting him ready to be a star on his own program? What are the ansers to these mysterious questions?

I must be very honest with you. We don't have these answers yet. Despite all the whispers, nobody will come right out and speak the answers in a loud and clear voice. But I promise you this! I promise you I will have most (or maybe even ALL) the answers for you next month! Don't miss the June issue of your fave FIFTEEN (on sale April 15th) for ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD! IT WILL CONTAIN THE ANSWERS TO ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MYSTERIES!


Bob is a dreem-&-a half plus two! Wow!


The kind of Cowsill pic u usually see (MINUS DICK!)


A very, very rare "Mystery Pic" showing all the Cowsills, INCLUDING that absolute dreem, DICK! He's the one in the circle. Here U C Bill, Barry, Paul, John (rear), Bob, Sue (on box), MYSTERY MAN DICK, Mrs. Cowsill, Mr Cowsill.


One of the few pix of DICK in captivity! Mr. Cowsill, Barry, Paul, Mayor Shea of Newport (R.I.), Bill, John, MYSTERY MAN DICK, Sue, Mrs. Cowsill, Bob

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