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Flamingo, Las Vegas
February 26, 1969
Variety Magazine

Las Vegas Feb. 20
The Cowsills (7), Dick Shawn, Russ Black Orch (16); $7.50 minimum,

Another of Flamingo producer Bill Miller's foraging into current crop of disk names, The Cowsills, should bring enough traffic to make the neW venture pay off. Dick Shawn is a holdover and his monicker is strong on the marquee.

The Cowsill family makes an immediate impact while lined up entire width of stage and moving into their, initial disclick, "We Can Fly." Mother of the brood, which ranges in age from 9 to 21, is called Barbara by eldest son. Bill, who manages the bulk of intros. She movingly depicts a threnody in "Cruel War," as her charges harmonize to give a folk essence not unlike a Peter, Paul & Mary effort, Susan, the youngest, is the rocker. She wows with a swinging, boogaloo ringside ambulation in "Hello, Hello" to outsize applause.

Elsewhere, the family shows versatility via instrumental backing on guitars, bass, porta-organ, piano and percussion. Orientation of folk blending is more evident than in the heavy, pronounced beat of contemporary rock style. They aren't slick or glib in any way, a compliment to Mrs. Cowsill who has kept a heavy level of repertoire without spoiling the natural flow of exuberant musical juices from her progeny.

Jullet Prowse Show opens March 6.


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