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Top Primetime Specials
March 5, 1969
Variety Magazine


Note: Brian explains the Rating/Share as this:
" A Family Thing got a 18.5 rating and a 28 share. That means that 18.5 of all households in the United States watched the show and that 28 percent of all people watching tv at the time were tuned to NBC. "

(Sept. II 1968 - Feb. I 1969)
NBC-TV may well lose the season's rating derby when all the numbers are in, but the web appears in good position to wind up as the specials leader. Accounting for almost half the semester's primetime specials thus far. NBC at this writing boasts seven of the top 10, is overall averaging more than two rating points better than the CBS aggregrate.

From the Sept. II through Feb. I Nielsen reports, NBC has (elecast 43 spec totaling 47 hours (or 49% of the three-network total) for an averaged national rating of 22.6. CBS has aired 24 over 27.5 hours (or 29% of the total) for a rating of 20.0; and ABC has put 18 on the pipe over 20.5 hours (22% of total) for a 12.1 rating. NBC's lead over CBS through the Feb. I report is 13% (and 87% over ABC).

As per the rakings that follows, vet NBC blockbuster Bob Hope has been something of a one-man gang in the Nielsens, personally accounting for four of the top 10 specs, including No. 1, his Vietnam Christmas show for the troops. Anyhow, herewith the season-to-date preemptions:

Rank 43 A Family Thing (Cowsills) .... (NBC) Rating: 18.5 Share: 28

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