The Cowsills In Magazines

Swinging Family
April 23, 1969
Weekly Reader


Shining brightest among the singing groups today is a winning constellation a family singing group called The Cowsills. William Cowsill, the father manages the group. They started out small in Newport, Rhode Island and have ended up big all across the country.

The female singer is Barbara Cowsill. She is the mini-mom of the group. The five singing, drumming, guitar playing are Bill, 20; Bob, 19; Paul, 16; Barry, 13; Johnny 12. Little sister Susie, 9, plays the tambourine.

The rock-folk-country group has sold millions of records. They have appeared as guests on many TV shows and have had their own TV special. The Cowsills have sung their songs across the U.S.A. They have also performed in Italy and London.

The Cowsills have been called as American as apple pie. One thing is for sure. Wherever they are everyone seems to be there.

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