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The Cowsill - "Why We Hate Each Other!"
May 1968
For Teens Only Magazine


THERE ARE fights even in the happiest of families. And though The Cowsills are one of the happiest and most cheerful of families to be found they've had their share of battles! When they fight, they really have reasons and here they are ...

... John gets mad when Susan hides his drumsticks so he can't practice. The trouble is that John likes to practice early in the morning and most of The Cowsills like to sleep until at least nine o'clock!

... Bill gets mad when he wants to wear his favorite shirt and he can't find it because Bob's already borrowed it and he's out wearing it on a date!

... Barry gets madder than all the Cowsills put together when anyone says that his family is a put-on. Why does he get mad at his family rather than the people who say it? Because he thinks they go out of their way to be nice to people who think the wrong way about them when they should be getting angry, too!

... Bob sees red when someone says that Bill is the handsome one in the family and Bob is just intelligent!

... Bill raves when someone says he's smart but Bob is really handsomer!

... John goes wild when everybody's taken baths and showers and used up all the hot water before he's even had a chance to wash his face!

... Barry gets mad when he raids the refrigerator at night and finds that one of the other boys has been there first so there's hardly anything left for him!

... Bob gets mad when the other C's tease him about the space between his teeth! They're always challenging him to water-squirting contests!

... Bill's pet hate is bringing home one of his dates and having the other boys tell her all sorts of terrible things as a joke only she doesn't know they're kidding! They tell her that he gargles loudly when he brushes his teeth, or that he beats up the younger kids or that he's got a wife and six children.

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Want to know THE COWSILLS' philosophy? Papa Bud sums it up by saying, "Even at our lowest, when the phone was shut off and there was no oil in the furnace, we always knew where we were going." And it looks as if they got there!!!

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