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Cowsills' Wild Rehearsal
Feb 1971
For Teens Only Magazine


Cowsill rehearsals are really zany and fun but they work hard, too, for hours and hours.

WHAT'S that loud tapping on a drum you hear o r that cowbell ringing in the other room? What's going on?

Nothing much - just an everyday rehearsal at The Cowsills' studio. As usual, Bob or John or whoever's ready first has to summon the others with a few healthy yells: "Come on, everybody! Time to start."

Finally, though, the group's gathered round and ready to begin. First Barry might have to inform Susie that she really can't sing very well with a mouth full of bubble gum. Or John might tell Paul that his guitar really does need tuning.

But at last there's a moment of silence you'd never have thought possible

five minutes before, and The Cowsills begin to play. Whether it's a brand new song or one they've been working on for a long time, they play carefully, thoughtfully, listening to every note.

Rehearsal's a serious time for The Cowsills - a time they work hard at the music they love. But it's also a time for fun a time to enjoy each other's company.

That's why their rehearsals usually seem pretty wild. Someone seems to play a practical joke about every five minutes, and besides music they make a lot of noise. But what finally comes out is really worth it!

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