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The rain, Fenway Park and other things
By ?? AP
October 17, 2004
Sports Illustrated

Members of the Cowsills singing group, who sprung to prominence in the 1960s, sang the national anthem before Game 3 after it was rained out Friday night.

The Cowsill children were raised in Newport, R.I., by a mother who was a loyal Red Sox fan. But it was a stroke of luck that team executive vice president Charles Steinberg was in a Los Angeles bar in August where Bob Cowsill was playing.

Among the family's hits were "The Rain, The Park and Other Things," "Indian Lake," "We Can Fly" and "Hair."

The Red Sox already had a video in the works that set pictures of long-haired Johnny Damon, corn-rowed Bronson Arroyo and wild-maned Pedro Martinez to the tune of "Hair." Not knowing who the singer was, Steinberg approached Cowsill.

"He became like God to me," Cowsill said about meeting a member of the organization.

When Steinberg heard that the Cowsills would be willing to get together to sing the national anthem at Fenway Park, he booked them for the playoffs.

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