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Youth and Sociology
March 16, 1970
Time Magazine

Youth and Sociology

As has become its custom, ABC-TV has looked over its current line-up of shows and tossed out nine of them. Victims of the tune-out are Land of the Giants, It Takes a Thief, The Engelbert Humperdinck Show, Pat Paulsen's Half a Comedy Hour, Paris 7000, The Flying Nun, Here Come the Brides, The Ghost and Muir and Jimmy Durante Presents the Lennon Sisters Hour. On all the networks, the same thing for next year, youth and sociology. But if youíre No. 3, apparently you really do try harder.

Of ABC-TVís new shows, four are youth oriented. The Young Rebels, a one-hour drama set in Revolutionary Pennsylvania, focuses on three young members of a Yankee guerrilla band. The Young Lawyers deals with law students and a legal-air society. In Dial Hot line, Psychiatrist Vince Edwards (Dr. Ben Casey) runs a telephone service set up by a metropolitan hospital to deal with troubled teens who have no one else to talk to. The Partridge Family is a situation-comedy series dealing with a rock group headed by the mother of the family (shades of The Cowsills).

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