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June 6, 1969
Time Magazine

Everywhere, Hair

Youngsters began lining up at the box office of Manhattan's Biltmore Theatre before dawn. Sidewalk scalpers hustle tickets for as much as $50 a pair. A year after it's Broadway debut, the rock musical Hair is not only a nightly sellout in New York and Los Angeles, but an international hit as well. ......

So far, 16 of the show's 26 songs have been released as singles. Last week, the 5th Dimension's double-bill Aquariius/Let the Sunshine In, which has sold more than a millon copies, was No. 3 on Billboard's top 100 records; the Cowsills' Hair is just a notch or so behind. Rising fast on the charts is a new disk of Good Morning Starshine by a singer names Oliver ....

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